Benefits of Attic Insulation

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Significantly Reduce Attic Heat Loss

The coldest part of your house in the winter and the hottest area in the summer is the attic. By increasing the insulation in your attic to government recommended R50 or even R60 you can reduce the heat loss through your attic by 75-80%.
Even newer homes can have as little as R32 or less of effective insulation depending on builder specifications. Our expertly installed Cellulose insulation is an excellent attic option.

It’s a natural choice that provides superior performance in the coolest temperatures. Enerliv uses quality Therm-O-Light cellulose insulation which is manufactured right here in Southern Ontario.

What is Cellulose Insulation For Attics?

Cellulose insulation is the best performing, most cost effective, greenest and safest attic insulation product on the market today.

Cellulose offers a high, true R-Value of 3.75 per inch in attics. It performs better than any other attic insulation product under cold temperatures.

Therm-O-Light cellulose insulation is made with 100% recycled wood fibres. It reduces air leakage and performs better under cold temperatures. Our professional technicians blow the insulation in one continuous blanket for complete coverage. This maximizes the efficiency of the insulation by reducing the possibilities of air leakage.

Our pricing includes the insulation product and installation process. This usually costs less than the retail price homeowners would have to pay to purchase the insulation product and rent equipment from a hardware store. Not to mention, we are able to complete an attic in a matter of hours including the installation of any ventilation.