Attic Insulation Installation

Insulation Contractor Installing Loose Fill Attic InsulationLoose Fill Attic InsulationAttic Insulation Contractor TruckLoose Fill Attic Insulation Installation

1. Our technicians will arrive having reviewed the quotation provided by our sales technician.

2. The attic is accessed through the attic hatch. If no attic hatch exists we can install one for you.

3. Once in the attic, moor vents are installed. We then build an attic crib around the hatch.

4. Using the high-powered insulation system contained in our truck, cellulose insulation will be blown through a hose and into your attic to the required depth.

The equipment is located on the outside of your home to keep dust and mess to a minimum. Typically, the installation hose is brought in through a window, again to minimize mess in your home.

One technician will be in the truck adding material while the other technician is in attic.

Final Steps

The technician will complete and leave an attic declaration card.

The technicians will take time to ensure your home is properly tidied up and will remove cellulose that may have made its way into your home during the process.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and superb clean-up.


Cribs or Hatch Extensions are crucial when adding insulation to R50 or R60. Why? When you add a lot of insulation it piles up high and you need to prevent it from escaping out through the attic hatch. The hatch extension acts as a barrier or mini wall to keep all of the new insulation contained in behind it. We build high quality cribs that last using solid lumber as opposed to some contractors who use cardboard which could give way over time.