Retrofit Home Wall Insulation

Older homes have little or no wall insulation which leads to uncomfortable drafty rooms and high energy costs.

Insulating your walls using our Dense Pack Process can reduce air leakage by 20-30% saving you on your energy bills and making your home feel more comfortable.

No matter what your home’s construction type is, we will determine which application is best for your home and provide you with a solution. This includes homes which are partially or inadequately insulated such as those built between the mid 1940’s and late 1960’s.

We install both cellulose insulation and JM Spider Insulation using our Dense Pack process.

No Renovations Required

Our proprietary Dense Pack Process enables us to install a high density fill, through the smallest of holes, in any older home, from inside or outside, in less than a day.

R-Value and Air Infiltration

The benefit of insulating your home’s walls using Dense Pack is the increase in R-value and the reduction in air leakage. Dense Pack provides a very high, true, R-value of 3.85/inch which won’t decrease over time. It also has the ability to greatly reduce air infiltration.