JM Spider Insulation

More R-Value and Less Air Infiltration

JM Spider® insulation is a premium wall insulation product. This blown-in fibre glass insulation system fills wall cavities without gaps or voids. It provides superior thermal and acoustical performance.

It is made from recycled materials and is naturally fire-resistant.

Exceptional Thermal Rating

It offers an exceptional R-Value up to 20% more than cellulose. JM Spider insulation provides a thermal rating value of R4.3 per inch, giving up to R23 in a 2×6 cavity and R15 in a 3.5 inch cavity.

JM Spider Insulation Technical Specification

Unique Design

Finer fibres are designed to fill tight spaces around pipes, wires and electrical boxes, even in homes with existing insulation. It installs through very tiny holes using our Dense Pack process, ensuring that it will not settle over time.

Reduced Air Infiltration

JM Spider insulation reduces air infiltration more than cellulose because of its much smaller fibres. This gives even better performance and increased comfort in your home.

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