Mold Remediation

We provide complete attic mold remediation services.

  • Attic mold is extremely common in our Northern climate
  • Attic Mold growth is generally directly attributable to 2 basic causes

Reason for Attic Mold

  • Lack of adequate attic ventilation or improper ventilation
  • Improperly exhausted bathroom fans, and or, dryer vents
  • Existing, or past roof or roof flashing leaks

We offer a full-service attic mold removal and attic insulation removal /replacement service that is fast, efficient and more convenient for you, the home owner.

Enerliv has developed a proprietary triple-acting mold treatment process that kills mold, cleans and disinfects the affected areas, and inhibits future mold growth.

Before & After Mold Remediation
Before and After Photos of Mold Removal

See for yourself how effective our mold remediation process is. Your attic mold problem will be gone for good!

Our team of home evaluators and mold remediation experts will ensure that the mold is gone and the situations that led to the mold infestation in the first place have been addressed.

Ask about our Mold Remediation Guaranty!