Wall Insulation Installation Process

A Dense Pack wall installation means innovative equipment, completely full wall cavities and attention to detail every time.

We are able to install both Cellulose and JM Spider through the existing interior or exterior walls of your home through smaller holes while thoroughly packing the wall cavity every time. Keep in mind that many companies will install insulation for you but very few have the systems in place and are willing to invest the time required to install through the very small holes that enable nearly invisible patching.

Our Dense Pack Process ensures the highest quality end product while maintaining the aesthetics of your home.

How does it work?

Step 1

Our installation technicians will choose the appropriate installation method depending on your wall type and building layout. Typical installation methods are:

In each case, approximately three holes are drilled per stud cavity near the bottom, middle and top of the wall. These holes are required to ensure sufficient density is reached and no settling will occur.

Step 2

Insulation will be carefully injected using our Dense Pack process and through the access holes into the wall.

Step 3

Once the wall cavity has been completely filled, a technician will expertly patch the tiny holes.

Step 4

The install team will tidy up any mess that was made during the installation process. The clean-up is our job, not yours. How do we know it’s full? We begin by filling in the bottom hole, and inject as much as possible. The technician then moves to the middle hole followed by the top hole. When the insulation reaches sufficient density it will begin to restrict the flow from the nozzle indicating to the technician that they should move to the next access hole or cavity as appropriate.

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