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 Effective Attic Insulation in Waterloo Region and Surrounding Areas

Have you recently insulated your house but still feel it is not comfortable? Did you check the insulation in the attic? Insulating your attic effectively plays an important role in keeping your house warm in winter and cool in summer. Proper attic insulation in the Waterloo Region can reduce heat loss by up to 80%. Enerliv Insulation can help you with professional attic insulation in the Waterloo Region and surrounding areas. To keep your house comfortable, you can increase the insulation in your attic to the government-recommended R50 or up to the current Building Code Requirement R60.

We understand your needs and offer a natural alternative for insulation- cellulose. Our team depends on locally manufactured, high-quality Therm-O-Light cellulose for excellent attic insulation. Enerliv Insulation has a variety of techniques for solving your ceiling and attic insulation issues and helping you live in a more energy-efficient and comfortable home.



The Installation Process


When you call us for an attic insulation project, we offer a free quotation before the technicians visit your site for installation. When our team reaches your property, they thoroughly inspect the attic and install moor vents/baffles, if required. You can trust us to build an attic crib around the hatch and insulate the attic hatch lid.

We use cellulose to insulate the attics. The installation process requires a high-powered system to blow the cellulose insulation. Our truck has a hose to blow the cellulose insulation into your attic to the required depth.

After the installation is complete, the technicians will provide you with an attic declaration card. You do not have to worry about any mess in your house. Our team will ensure that they tidy up the place before leaving.



Understanding Attic Insulation


Installing cellulose insulation in your attic is not enough to make your home comfortable. Taking care of the ventilation is equally important. You can rely on our team to access the ventilation of your attic and suggest effective changes. There are a few other things that you should consider before installing insulation in your attic:



Good quality solid hardwood cribs are required to keep the insulation intact. The cribs act as a barrier to prevent the insulation from escaping out through the attic hatch. 



It is recommended that 50 percent of the ventilation area be continuous soffit vents for proper air ventilation. The other 50 percent of the ventilation area should consist of roof vents. These vents support insulation by preventing the escape of heat in the cold months and cool air in the warm months. Moor or baffle vents are installed to prevent blockages.




Attic insulation will help you keep the outside air from entering your house. 


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