Basement Insulation

Spray Foam is an expanding foam that is applied by spraying it onto the basement walls. The insulation forms a continuous barrier. It adheres directly to the wall and also acts as the vapour barrier when applied to a 2” depth. Depending on how you will be using the space you can leave the insulation as is, or install your drywall on top to complete your room.

Spray Polyurethane enables us to insulate headers or rim joists quickly and effectively sealing off these areas which when left un-insulated expose you to significant amounts of air leakage.

Our technicians will spray the spray polyurethane onto the header or rim joists area. This area is located between the top of the basement wall and where the first floor begins. It is typically the width of your floor joists.

Spray polyurethane is also the best and most effective insulation to use on a renovation project or addition where the walls are open and/ or being constructed.

Homeowner basement 

Thermal Barriers over Spray Foam Insulation

If you are going to insulate your basement, but do not plan to build finished walls, spray-applied thermal barrier is an economical alternative to finished drywall.

As an option to drywall, applying thermal barrier over spray foam gives a finished look similar to stucco and meets the same building code requirement for thermal barriers that drywall satisfies, without the expense.

Enerliv can help you select the best insulation solution for your home, as well as the best thermal barrier materials to provide the easy, affordable safety that you require.

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