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Thermal Barriers in Waterloo Region for Effective Home Insulation

Application of thermal barriers is a cost-effective solution for fire safety in basements and garages. Thermal barriers form a fire protection layer over your walls and can protect your property from high temperatures. Whether you are planning to insulate your new house or renovate an old property, Enerliv Insulation can help you. We use thermal barriers over SPF (spray polyurethane foam) to keep your property safe and comfortable. Applying spray foam on the interior foam surfaces on walls and ceilings forms a well-adhered, monolithic thermal barrier against heat and fire.

A thermal barrier is a fantastic replacement for drywall to keep your house insulated. We offer our services in the Waterloo Region and surrounding areas. 

Our Products

Enerliv Insulation is a supplier of A.D Fire Protection Systems Products and offers 7TB, a leading thermal barrier product. 7TB is a gypsum-based fire protective coating specifically formulated for application over sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF). 

We also offer intumescent paint services for thermal barrier and fire protection requirements. Our technicians are experienced and skilled in offering you unrivalled services. You can trust us with your home insulation needs.



We install thermal barriers in homes that can withstand high temperatures.


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