Crawl Space Insulation

Do you own a home with a basement or upper level crawl space?

Upper Level (knee wall attic spaces) Typical in 1 and ½ story homes

Whether you want to use your crawl space for storage or whether you just want to insulate it and never look back, there is an insulation solution for you.

If you would like to use your crawl space for storage we can insulate and air seal the sloped ceiling joist area leaving the floor area available for storage. This is a convenient way to increase your home’s energy efficiency and reduce ice damming problems without compromising valuable storage space.

If you don’t plan on using your crawl space for storage, we can ensure that both the floor of the crawl space and corresponding knee walls are sufficiently insulated. The installation method varies depending on exact construction of this area of your home.


Either the floor, walls, ceiling or all three areas of your basement crawl space can be insulated with spray foam. Which areas are insulated will depend on how you wish to use the space, how your home is built and how the crawl space is connected to the rest of your home.

Choose Spray Foam Insulation if you have any of the following:

  • Heating and cooling costs that are higher than the average
  • Irregular heating and cooling patterns throughout the home
  • Furnace and air conditioner (HVAC) not at peak performance
  • Evidence of mold growth (especially in the basement areas)
  • Uncomfortable air drafts, mostly noticeable in the basement
  • Obvious signs that insects, bugs or vermin are gaining entry