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 Garage Insulation Services in Waterloo Region and Surrounding Areas

Garage insulation can be a game-changer for effectively insulating your house. Enerliv Insulation is a trusted name in Waterloo Region and surrounding areas. We work with a commitment to excellence in quality and service. 

Many people wonder if there is a need for garage insulation. If you have a detached garage in your house, you can live comfortably without getting your garage insulated, but insulation is essential if your garage is connected to the main part of the house. The garage door opens quite a few times a day, causing hot or cold air to escape. Not just comfort, but there are several other benefits of garage insulation like:


  • Flexibility to use the space as a workout area, or a playroom

  • Reduced risk of emissions from vehicles entering the main area of the house

  • Increased property value

  • Increased henry efficiency


Our Services

Enerliv Insulation has been in business for over a decade. We understand insulation and have a variety of techniques to suit the needs of every client. When your garage ceiling is not properly insulated, the room above the garage often gets too cold. Earlier, people used fibreglass to insulate the ceilings of the garages. Over time fibreglass degrades and drops off, leaving a gap between the fibreglass and the floor. To overcome this issue, we apply on polyurethane onto the underside of the floor instead of fibreglass and drywall. We can help you increase the comfort of the room above the garage with our insulation services. 

Our team uses spray foam to insulate garage walls which is a non-invasive process and provides you with the effectiveness of an R-6 per inch insulated structure. It also acts as a vapour barrier.

Connect with us today. We would love to hear from you, understand your needs, and share our solutions.



Properly insulated garages can transform into workstations or workout zones.


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