Garage Insulation

Most garages are not insulated; yet insulating your garage is cost effective and can dramatically increase your comfort. If you use your garage as a work space or even if you’d just like to get into a warmer car during the winter, re-insulating your garage is a great idea.

Furthermore, if you have a cold room above the garage it is likely due to inadequate or defective insulation in your garage ceiling. Most garage ceilings with living space above them that have been insulated with fiberglass, overtime the fiberglass batts drop onto the surface of the drywall . Generally there is a large gap between the fiberglass batt and the floor above that traps the cold air and makes the room above feel very cold.

This problem can be solved by adding insulation to the ceiling of your garage.

There are cost-effective ways to increase the comfort of both the room above the garage, as well as the garage itself. In older homes we may be able to drill and fill with cellulose or JM Spider. This process requires us to drill several holes into the ceiling and blow in additional insulation, during this process the fiberglass batts are forced down against the drywall and the void/ gap is filled with dense packed cellulose. Another option to consider as a superior solution is removed the drywall and fiberglass batts and we would simply spray polyurethane onto the underside of the floor.

How do we insulate garage walls?

Spray Foam is an expanding foam that is applied by spraying it onto your garage walls. The insulation will achieve an effectiveness of R-6 per inch. It expands and adheres directly to the wall. It also acts as a vapour barrier. This un-invasive process will provide you with an increase in energy savings and a huge improvement in your comfort.

Garage spray foam