Industrial Membrane

Enerliv is an installer of SOPREMA membranes which act as air and vapour barriers for walls. They deliver lasting performance and play a key role in waterproofing the building envelope.

Sopraseal WFM


Self-adhesive air/vapour barrier membrane composed of SBS modified bitumen and a tri-laminated woven polyethylene facer. It is used as a through-wall membrane, a transition membrane, as well as a waterproofing membrane around openings.


  • Easy-to-use silicone release film
  • Excellent tensile strength, resistance to puncture, abrasion and creep
  • Compatibility with sprayed polyurethane


  • Function: Waterproofing
  • Product roles: Transition membrane and Through wall membrane


Transition Membrane is a flexible air barrier membrane for use on vertical above grade wall construction.Transition Membrane is used to provide a continuous air and moisture barrier over properly prepared concrete, concrete masonry, glass mat gypsum and wood-based sheathing. Through Wall Flashing (TWF) Membrane primary uses are for window flashing, wall flashing, through wall flashing (TWF), joint flashing, and non-vapor permeable sheet air barrier.


  • Strong, yet flexible: Through Wall Flashing (TWF) Membrane can be field cut and shaped to meet various job site conditions.
  • Fully adhered: The rubberized-asphalt membrane adheres tenaciously to the surface and itself, eliminating membrane blow-off and tears before exterior wall finish installation.
  • Permanent: Once installed and protected from ultraviolet light, the membrane will not rot or decay from mildew, mold or plasticizer migration. Can be used in many corrosive applications of concrete waterproofing in high alkali conditions.
  • Stretchable: Through Wall Flashing (TWF) Membrane can accommodate a high degree of structural movement.
  • Self-sealing: The rubberized-asphalt properties allow for self-sealing seams and misplaced fasteners that are left in place at temperatures above 40°F (5ºC).
  • Slit Release Film (SRF): The Through Wall Flashing (TWF) Membrane comes with a slit release paper liner for ease of installation.