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 Effective Attic Insulation in Waterloo Region and Surrounding Areas

Animal infestation, smoke damage, water damage or dust can damage the insulation in your attic. You must remove the damaged insulation from your attic to prevent any further damage to your house. Enerliv Insulation can help you with attic removal in the Waterloo Region and surrounding areas. We are well-equipped to handle any kind of infestation, smoke damage or mould damage. Our technicians will visit your property for inspection and suggest an appropriate solution. You can rely on us to help you save your valued property from harm. Apart from raccoon infestation, we can take care of any kind of animal infestation, be it rodents or pests.

Comfortable Homes

Enerliv Insulation understands how difficult it is to live in a house with damaged attic insulation. Improper attic insulation can hamper the temperature settings inside the house due to infiltration of outside air. It is difficult to maintain an appropriate temperature inside the house when the attic is damaged. When you call us for attic removal, we take quick action. We will send our team to your house for inspection and removal of the attic as soon as possible so that you can keep your family safe and comfortable. 

Whether your home has fibreglass batt insulation or a combination of batts and blown-in insulation, we can remove it. The insulation and contaminants are vacuumed from the attic through a large diameter hose and directly channelled into our removal truck. Contact us today for help!



Opt for attic removal, or it might invite pests.


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