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 Trust Us for New Construction Insulation in Waterloo Region & Surrounding Area

Want to save on energy bills in your new house? Hire a reliable contractor for new construction attic insulation today! Proper attic insulation will help you maintain a comfortable temperature in your house and reduce your energy expenses. Enerliv Insulation is a reputed name in the Waterloo Region and surrounding areas for high-quality attic insulation. We use loose-fill cellulose to insulate the attic in your house. It is a natural choice that offers premium performance without causing any harm to the environment. We have the equipment and ability to insulate attics for new construction in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Enerliv Insulation relies on quality Therm-O-Light cellulose insulation. The product is manufactured right here in Southern Ontario and can very well fulfill the needs of the homes in the area.


Benefits of Loose-fill Cellulose

Perfect for residential or commercial insulation, loose-fill cellulose is an eco-friendly option that guarantees excellent results. We use the Dark Pack Process to insulate the attics or walls of your house with cellulose. We install only CCMC-approved products (Canadian Construction Materials Centre). There are many advantages of using cellulose. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • Resistant to fire

  • Made from recycled wood 

  • Provides a high R-value

  • Reduces the risk of air leakage

  • Excellent sound barrier

We trust Therm-O Comfort to provide you with high-quality cellulose. Check out the product data for more information.


How Does New Construction Attic Insulation Help?

The major heat loss from your house in the winter months is through your attic. As warm air rises, an improperly insulated attic provides it with the right medium to escape. To keep your house warm during the harsh winter months, it is essential to keep your attic insulated. We bring a truck filled with loose cellulose to insulate the attic on your property. A hose is connected to the truck through which the cellulose is drawn to prepare a layer of perfect insulation. This prevents heat from escaping during winter and cool air escaping your living spaces in the summer. It is better to evaluate all pros and cons of the products before making a decision. We help you with anything that you need to make your home comfortable.

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Our technicians are skilled in installing attic insulation in new construction projects.


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